Gjorde du något i år som du aldrig gjort förr?Did you do anything this year that you’ve never done before?
Yes I did, traveled through Europe, visiting new places and try new things in life.

Höll du några av dina nyårslöften?/ Did you keep some of your New Year’s resolutions?
Had no New Year’s resolutions because I know I can not keep them, just trying to think about having a better year than before!

Vilka ställen utomlands besökte du?/ What places abroad visited you?
Switserland, Spain ( mallorca), Germany, Italy, (Venice), Austria (Bad gastain, salzburg) Denmark, Grecce (Naxos)   

Vilket/vilka datum från år 2016 kommer du alltid att minnas?/ What / which dates from 2016, you will always remember?
26/6 15/7 4/9

Har du varit sjuk eller skadat dig?/ Have you been sick or injured you?
No, all good here! J  

Bästa köpet?Best bargain?
 Must be every flight-ticket I bought.

Vad spenderade du mest pengar på?What did you spend the most money?
Food and travel-tickets  

Gjorde någonting dig riktigt glad?Was something making you really happpy?
All new and lovely people I have in my life always makes me smile.

Vilka sånger kommer alltid att påminna dig om 2016?What songs will always remind you of 2016?
Can’t stop this feeling-Justin Timberlake, Rockabye-Clean Bandit, Girls like-Zara Larsson

Var du gladare eller ledsnare i år jämfört med tidigare år?/ Were you happier or sadder this year compared to previous years?
Always trying to be happier, and travel makes me happy 😀

Vad önskar du att du gjort mer?What do you wish you’d done more of?
Visit more places and have more time to see old friends worldwide.

Vad önskar du att du gjort mindre?/ What Do you wish you’d done less?
Spending money on useless things.

Hur tillbringade du julen?/ How did you spend Christmas?
Home with family and relatives… much love! 😀  

Favoritprogram på TV?/ Favorite TV?
Hum?!… hard one… maybe some sport 😉

Hatar du någon nu som du inte hatade i början av året?Do you hate anyone now that you did not hate the beginning of the year?
Hate…no. But for sure it’s some people that I think less of now the before.

Bästa boken du läste 2016Best book you read in 2016?
The only book this year was, Det vi inte viste var lycka-Agnés Ledig

 Något du önskade dig och fick?/ Something you wished you and got?
Yes, some things I wished for I got! 😀 Happy me.

Årets bästa film?The year’s best film?
Finding Doris

Vad gjorde du på din födelsedag 2016?What did you do on your birthday in 2016?
Celebrated in the skislopes in the alps in Switserland with lovely friend.

Finns det någonting som skulle gjort ditt år ännu bättre?/ Is there anything that would have made your year even better?
Don’t really know, might be.

En person som du inte hade klarat dig utan i år?A person you had not lived without this year?
Absolutly my girls Annie and Lina but also my family. ❤ 

Hur skulle du beskriva din stil år 2016?How would you describe your style in 2016?
I never wear anything that does not feel me.

Planer för 2017?Plans for 2017?
Work abroad, hope to see old and new friends and of course travel. 😀 😀

Vad ser du mest fram emot med år 2017?What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
New challenges, and what life has to offer.

Tror du att år 2017 kommer bli bättre?/ Do you think 2017 will be better?
I hope it at least will be as good as 2016 has been. 

Har du några löften inför år 2017?Do you have any resolutions for 2017?
No, never keeping New Year’s resolutions anyway.

Har du haft ett förhållande under 2016?/ Have you had a relationship in 2016?

Bästa minnet från 2016?/ Best memory from 2016?
Oh, hard on! Can’t just take one, must say all good places, people and memories

Vad var det bästa som hände 2016?What was the best thing that happened in 2016?
To travel so much. ❤  

Vad var det sämsta?What was the worst?
Not worth mentioning…

Fick du många nya kontakter?Did you get many new contacts?
Get some wonderful new contacts during the year. And love the old ones! ❤

Är det något du saknat 2016 som du vill ha 2017?Is there anything you lacked in 2015 that you would like to have in 2016?
More crazy, fun, just living life things. 😛

14694651_1198700873521899_1937721942_nimg_9737img_9324img_8936img_9856img_0072img_6274img_8343img_4505img_4417img_7966img_7852img_9985img_9930HAPPY NEW YEAR!



3 months in Greece

Might be a bit late but here’s a picture bomb from my three months in greece at Naxos horse riding club.
Tour guide, horses, living life, awesome people, new experiences and just a lot of fun. ❤ 🙂

14269661_1164724260252894_2106059846_n14389050_1286828851336755_777753594_n14408808_1286828868003420_1632828735_n14408852_1173989972659656_2045095454_n14409244_1286829241336716_1996731009_n14501896_1321840271159493_1892730586_n14593367_1191144567610863_40060595_n14628051_1194811790577474_1536856393_n14642973_1194811940577459_266521946_n14643031_1329697963709123_239627150_n14686485_1329697463709173_2000984865_n14694695_1329697733709146_1491026910_n14694885_1337140256296161_826979807_n14936874_1212425312149455_904705057_n15209087_10154755799586974_2039061124_n15401487_1390754104270175_90818896_n15416101_1390756014269984_2020574267_nimg_8175img_8418img_8422img_8423img_8428img_8434img_8506img_8507img_8512img_8524img_8568img_8610img_8615img_8623img_9244img_9504img_9555img_9772img_9837img_9838img_9855img_8220img_8222 Thanks for this time!

xo, LOVE

My Summer 2016

Okay, it’s time to summarize this summer!
It for sure has been an amazing summer all way from Switzerland-Italy-Austria-Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Mallorca. It’s been great to meet old/new friends, new places and the same old favorites…

I left my life in switzerland behind and traveled with my family down to Italy, we stayed in Caorle for a week…


























Then it was time to move on so we headed to Austria and went up in the mountains.


bad gastein


bad gastein


bad gastein






And then we headed towards Germany before we drove though dennmark and was back in Sweden.

At the time I was home there were three weeks of work waiting for me and after that one week at beautiful Mallorca. ❤







sangria o’clock


partyyy 😛


beach life


Been home from Mallorca one week now, it’s been a bit of work and a lots of cleaning, laundry and packing again…. Leaving Sweden on Sunday morning for new adventure.


Thank You Switzerland 👋🏼

342 days since I left Sweden and moved to Switserland… It has truly been amazing, an experience, wake up call and so much fun I really had one of my best years ever.  

The family down here has for sure been the best one and have been taking care of the sweetest girls. They will always be a huge part of my life. Gona miss them! 😔 

Well well… 

It’s time for new adventure in life, I’m far from finish with exploring the world and my life. But first some well deserved vacation with my family who also picking me up here tomorrow, then I’ll work at the nursing home in Sweden, after that it’s  vacation with my besti, and September 4th I’ll move to Greece! Live life you only have one, regret what you did not what you didn’t. 

Love, //ANNA 

Last Weekend…Crazyyyy!

This was my last weekend in Switserland…so sad. I started the weekend at Thursday eve already, in Zug with Annie! Then after work on Friday I went to the station and picked up Annie there and we just had a nice evening with bbq, movie, laughing.☺️ 

Saturday was pool day, taning, Kubb playing, and in the afternoon we went to zürich and we’re hanging out by the lake, just enjoying the weather.☀️✌🏼️ Then in the evening it was bbq time AGAIN 😉, and after that a long fun night out in Luzern!💃🏻 

Sunday…”Sunday” Haha, we came home in the morning, eat breakfast and went to sleep in the garden, so warm already at 8:00am 😅 then we were in the pool al day and went in to the city at night! 

Monday; workday as always, helped Annie with all here luggage to the station and said goodbye there…

Im doing my last week now and will be leaving Switserland on Friday afternoon 😔

Love, //ANNA